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These company websites are packed with useful products. Try looking in the Downloads, Software and Hardware section if you're looking for a Special Needs IT company.
  • Do You Need Help Reading? Bookshare® helps people with learning, visual, and physical disabilities read with accessible ebooks. Our books are accessible and allow you to read books in different ways. You can listen to words read aloud, see text on the screen and hear words as they are highlighted, read in braille or large fonts, and more! Our UK collection has nearly 200,000 titles that can be used for school, work, and pleasure reading and can be read on many different technologies, including computers, tablets, smartphones, assistive technology devices, and MP3 players.
  • We promote the benefits of complementary therapy and aim to give visitors all the information they need to help them make an informed decision about whether therapy would be right for them. The website has an FAQ's section, a number of useful articles written by our members and the facility to search for a practitioner in your area. To ensure the professionalism of our website, all listed therapists have provided us with qualifications and insurance cover or proof of membership with a professional body.
  • EVEXIA Company profile EVEXIA medical and rehabilitation center is one of the healthcare leaders in Greece since 1994 providing high quality effective services to patients from all over the world. It strives to provide patients with an exceptional level of care through advanced technology, professional expertise and an exceptional level of personalized care. Our top priority is delivering safe and high quality care to every patient and fully accessible accommodation for senior people and people with special needs.
  • Accessibility Services - Graphic and website design User design offers a large, giant and clear print transcription service. We also offer a range of other services: design (book design, book cover design, graphic design, information design, publication design, website design), illustration (freehand, technical) and production (corrections, scanning, typesetting). We are committed to high quality, usable and engaging solutions, produced on time. User design can also make your communication inclusive, more usable, environmentally friendly and perform to a high standard. Since 2005 we have mainly been working for book publishers. If you need some help or advice, or if you require any further information, please visit
  • If you have physical disabilities as well as learning disabilities a stair lift or through the floor lift fitted in the home can often be the difference between independent living or live-in care. Stair Lift Experts are a family-run business based in Essex, setup to provide impartial advice, buyer’s guides and price comparisons.
  • Finger Puppets are a great way to educate children with learning disabilities and Little Fingy makes beautiful hand knitted finger puppets for this purpose. They make cute children friendly puppets with which children can play and learn. It makes it much more interesting and easy for children to learn though puppet shows. Our finger puppets make it easier for parents and trainers / teachers to educate young children with learning disabilities.
  • Are you looking for some images to help you make information easier to understand? Well, you’ve come to the right place. “Drawn to Communicate” has been developed with you in mind. New Possibilities is a nationally respected and recognised company with expertise in supporting and bringing about positive change for both small and large organisations, families and individuals by using person centred approaches and techniques.
  • A good site with infomation and help regarding StairLifts - it is laid out and the text is written in such a way that it is easier for people with learning difficulties to manoeuvre and understand.
  • It is a reality that some people with learning disabilities can also have mobility impairments. This can make daily tasks such as climbing the stairs a struggle. offers impartial advice on choosing a stairlift, which can bring peace of mind and independence.
  • An information website for elderly and disabled people, family carers, health and social care professionals. We provide information on anything to do with mobility, care and living more independently
  • Video tutorials to help you make fun, accessible and age appropriate activities for Special Needs. You will find lots of 'step by step' video tutorials to cover areas such as using images, sound and video. The tutorials are suitable for the 'non-technical,' and develops skills as you work through 'real usable' projects. Tutorials are arranged in bundles so you can target your training appropriately. You will find that the subscriptions are very, very affordable.
  • Search for Life Coaches across the UK who work with people with learning disabilities, one to one, in groups and with those who support them.
  • A website designed for children and adults who have impaired mobility or movement and to help in giving you what you need when you need it. Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for you to order the goods you need and get them to you as quickly as possible.
  • A line of adaptive clothing for children and adults with special needs. Based in Canada with delivery worldwide.
  • ABC Mobility is a small business, offering a wide range of mobility products and services including scooters, wheelchairs, walking aids, bathing aids, chairs and beds to elderly people and people with disabilities throughout the Midlands
  • Largest independent distributor of special needs educational resources for teachers and parents, pre-school to FE level
  • Kylie is a woman with Down's Syndrome who wants to be famous. She has given many talks and acts as an accessible communications consultant for groups such as Clear. Look at Kylie's website for more details on her achievements to date and how she could help your group or organisation.
  • Jemma and Jack Talk about Sex is available as a 130 slide PowerPoint presentation, PDF or a spiral bound pack. The Education Pack includes 2 puppets (Ethnic origins and sex can be chosen). Jemma and Jack Talk about Sex focuses on the emotions involved in building a relationship. Simplistic line drawings depict the physical side of Jemma and Jack’s relationship and the decision making process involved at each stage.
  • A New SEN Resource Site, with lots of free downloads and practical product ideas. Includes sign language resources and visual presentations.
  • A directory of accessible websites to help people find what they need quickly. Users are invited to recommend sites and comment on the sites already listed.
  • Jessica Kingsley publishers provide a wealth of books and resources on autism spectrum conditions, learning disabilities, special needs and social work, suitable for parents and professionals.
  • We develop assessment tools for use in health and social care and have developed a package for use in services for people with learning disabilities
  • The European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) for Students courseware by Aston Swann teaches the computer skills needed to attain this computer skills qualification. The accessibility version of the ECDL for Students courseware is specifically designed as compatible with Dolphin Computer Access products for pupils with visual impairments such as partial sight or visual dyslexia. The learning material is also suitable for people with learning disabilities and is used in some schools for pupils with special educational needs, autism and behavioural difficulties.
  • Affordable and enjoyable self-help lessons for children and adults with Dyslexia or Dyspraxia to print and do at home.
  • Fun educational resources for everyone - books, games, flashcards and lots more! These resources are especially useful for children with special educational needs.
  • The Dyslexia Shop is a web-based information site and shop. It is aimed primarily at the parents of children with dyslexia. However, adults with dyslexia, learning support teachers and those responsible for the development of people with special educational needs will find something of interest. We sell tried and tested products, all of which have been carefully selected to be useful to a person with dyslexia. E.g. Books, teaching aids, electronic spell-checkers, computer software, digital voice recorders, games, coloured overlays, wobble boards, writing slopes, typing tutors, stationery and dietary supplements etc. We also provide access, through our website, to journal articles, research papers and books to aid product evaluation.
  • Pavilion is a source of training resources for those working in social, healthcare and housing providing care provision. We publishes around 40 training packs specifically for those working with those with learning disabilities as well as the Learning Disability Review and Living WELL journals. We also run the Learning Disability Today exhibitions in London, Scotland and Manchester and around 10 learning disability conferences a year. For more information call 0870 161 3505 or visit
  • Storytracks is an organization which helps people of all abilities and ages to listen to stories and to start telling and sharing their own stories. We believe that storytelling is one of the most important experiences we can offer people with severe communication difficulties, and that everyone has the potential to be a storyteller. Storytrack workshops are designed for children and adults with severe communication difficulties, including: profound and multiple disabilities, learning disabilities, autistic spectrum disorders and specific language impairments.
  • Accessible Single Switch Games and Switch Activities will soon be releasing new single switch games and activities for Mac and Windows. Until then members can still download our original single switch games - Alien Invasion, Ruby Ridge and Brickout. Designed for children and adults with disabilities, these games can be adjusted for players with a very wide range of abilities.
  • is a new site, that offers a whole new approach to bringing the Deaf and hearing worlds closer together. The site has benefited from examples in other countries, such as the USA and provides information, contacts and discussion on issues related to deafness and sign language.
  • We work with people with learning difficulties and their families, independent and statutory sector providers, Health Authorities and Social Service Departments, Housing Associations, Families, Regional and National Government in the UK and beyond.
  • Dickory Dock design and manufacture a wide range of fabric educational resources to a high standard for use in schools. All of our own products are made in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire.
  • Special Needs Playground equipment and rubber safety surfacing - Manufacturing, design and installation. "Every child deserves the right to play"
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