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What people say about Check The Map

Here are just some of the wonderful comments we've had about the site...please keep it coming - we love your feedback.

Anne McGuire, MP for Disability Department of Work and Pensions:

"I was pleased to hear about your website and welcome the initiative. It is important that where services are available for people with Learning Disabilties, people know what is available in an area and how they can be accessed easily. I hope the site grows into a useful resource."

Sally McKeown, Guardian Journalist and Special Needs expert:

"Many people are desperate for information about disability-friendly services. This is where a brilliant little site comes into its own. Called Check the Map, it is a database for people with learning disabilities. Just type in a postcode or click on an area to find out what's on offer."

Read more of Sally McKeown's article online.

Michael Gettins, Social Services, Kilwinning:

"I did want to say how easy I found the site to use. I'm not a great user of IT but found the logic/layout and language of the site very user friendly. If I can publish on the web-anybody can?? Thanks for making it easy for me!"

Chris Stevens, Head of Inclusion at BECTA:

"It can be difficult for disabled people or their carers to get relevant information about local services quickly and efficiently. It is often the case that when support is needed it cannot wait. Online centralised directories which are kept up to date and current provide an invaluable route to contacting the right people and speed the process up even more."

Carol Allen, Special Needs Advisory Teacher, Hadrian Educational Support Centre, North Tyneside:

"Stop re-inventing the wheel! provides an accessible interface to find out about services for people with disabilities in their area, or in other areas around the country. The more people who link their organisations to this, the more useful it will become. Check it out, and if you can provide more links, please do so!"

Bob Black, Education Officer, Down's Syndrome Association:

"If people contribute to this site it would save parents and carers weeks of difficult and stressful networking and offer service providers a powerful opportunity to make services genuinely available. This could be a new opportunity to identify services (and service deficits) in every area of the country."

Judith Stansfield, SEN ICT Consultant NASEN ICT Group:

"It is amazing how quickly a good idea can grow on the web - from a few first seeds sown, a veritable flower garden of resources and contacts has blossomed! There is always some new service or item of SEN support that can be discovered here and the more people talk about it, the better it will become."

Flo Longhorn, Speaker and Trainer in Multisensory Learning:

"The 'Check the Map' site is the golden key to open a treasure chest full of information, links, services, events and the latest ideas in the world of special people and those who live or work along side them. Turn the key, help yourself or add to the online treasures."

Charlie Danger, Creator of

"What a great use of the web. This will give great exposure to smaller organisations to make themselves known to the people who need them. It also means, of course, that local schools, support workers and parents etc. can find out about services in their area - very useful. I'm very impressed by the clear colourful layout and the fact that it's immediately obvious what the website offers and how to use it. I also noticed the accessibility you've used - a skip to content link, access keys, accessible CSS... And it all works in firefox too."

Jeanette, SENIT Poster:

"Thank you so much. This is a fantastic site. I have hit penguins, popped bubble wrap and forwarded it to everyone I know"

Liz Stone, Accessible Communications Manager, MENCAP:

"Check The Map is a great example of an easy to use website that gives useful information in a very clear way. I particularly like the fact that groups can add their own information. It gives you a real sense of ownership."

Rob Elmore, Manager of Loughton Resource Centre:

"The site looks great very easy to use and well set out. It should prove to be a very useful tool."

Edward Ashcroft, Speech and Language Therapist Barnet PCT:

"It looks fantastic - what a useful resource. The written content is clear and very easy to follow. Really easy to access."

Janet Dixon, Ispeek Visual Communication:

"I am so pleased to see how check the map has grown and I know people who use it. it is a smashing resource and so accessible to all. I take my hat off to you!"

Angela Duffy, Speech and Language Therapist, Belfast:

"Your site works perfectly...a massive piece of work, I'm very impressed."

Helen Ferris, Berkshire NHS Community Team:

"I've seen your site and I think it's great."

Martin Pistorius, AAC Consultant, University of Pretoria:

"Check The Map is an innovative website which meets the W3C and WAI-AA standards for web-accessibility. What is most appealing is its simple, clear and easy-to-use layout."

Pam Spence, Area Manager, Scottish Society for Autism:

"Congratulations on a great site. It looks like it is going to be really helpful as it grows."

Julia, from Nevada! :

"Just wanted to thank you and let you know I've been using your Fun Sites page for some research for my class. It's a great site- so many useful tools for my students!"

Annabel Clarke, Senior Chartered Educational Psychologist, SENCAN, Essex County Council :

"Your website has so much information, thank you!"


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